How To Kill Fleas Safely

If you are wondering on how to kill fleas that have invaded your pets or house, then you are not alone. Fleas have become a universal headache especially to those who have pets. Before you embark on this flea-killing mission, you need to be sure that these tiny insects that are causing you so much misery are actually fleas. Fleas are tiny brown insects which appear flat to the naked eye. Though wingless, they possess an almost magical jumping ability.

Fleas are not only irritating; they can be a health hazard to you and your pets. To your pet, they can cause allergic skin reactions, anemia since they feed on blood and tapeworms if swallowed. To you and your family, they can cause skin allergies too, tapeworms, typhus and even plague. It is therefore wise to get rid of these irritating bugs as soon as you possibly can.

Pesticides work well enough in killing fleas and they are widely available. Nevertheless, they are not only bad for the environment; they are also not safe for your family and pets. The best way to kill fleas is to do it the natural way. To eliminate them effectively, you need to treat your pets, your yard and take measures to prevent re-infestation. Bathing your pets on a regular basis with pesticide -free shampoo will drown the fleas but not the eggs. To eradicate the eggs naturally, use a flea comb and rake it through your pet in a gentle yet firm rhythm. The comb will trap all eggs and remaining fleas. Repeat this exercise on a regular basis and you will soon get rid of the fleas.

The next step should be to eradicate the fleas in your house. This should be done by treating the carpet and both the pet and human beddings. Sprinkle an equivalent amount of salt and baking soda on your carpet and beddings and leave for as long as possible. This will dehydrate the fleas and kill them sooner or later. Make sure the carpet and beddings are not wet or damp because the baking soda might leave a residue. Vacuum the baking soda and salt along with the dead fleas. Repeat this procedure often and you will soon be an expert on how to kill fleas.

Treating your yard will ensure that your pets will not get infected again and bring in the fleas. To treat your yard naturally, dilute lemon juice with water and spray your yard. These are just a few of the many ways on how to kill fleas safely.

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